Marketing Automation Demo

Marketing automation in 30 minutes

In 30 minutes an experienced marketing automation specialist guides you through the best marketing automation software and shows you all the possibilities of marketing automation.

In general:

  • You get more information about how to use marketing automation software;
  • You get an explanation of how you can set up your marketing automation;
  • You will experience the benefits of marketing automation that specifically apply to your business;
  • You get inspired by our marketing automation specialist to create new marketing campaigns..


You will also learn more about:


Our marketing automation consultants work with two marketing automation softwares: SharpSpring and ActiveCampaign.

In a live marketing automation demo we show you the features of both softwares. Specified to your business.

You can find an overview of all marketing automation features here. During the marketing automation demo you can ask about the feature you would like more information about.


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Marketing automation campaigns

You can automate various marketing processes with marketing automation. Do you want to automate your marketing campaigns?

Here are a few examples of marketing automation campaigns you can create, like:

  • A promotion campaign
  • Welcome campaign
  • Lead nurturing campaign
  • Assessment campaign 



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Marketing automation flow

A marketing automation flow is a serie of automated actions and specific follow-ups. You use a workflow to set up a marketing campaign.

Our marketing automation specialist will show you how to set up an effective workflow with the right triggers and tasks. This is based on the leads behavior, the lead score and the marketing campaign. With effective workflows your conversion rate will rise in no time.

  • Workflow set up
  • Lead nurturing
  • Conversion optimization


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Design email templates and emails

In marketing automation software, you can easily design e-mail templates and create emails yourself. An experienced marketing automation specialist shows you in the live demo how you can organize e-mail marketing automation for an optimal online view of your email and how you make this conversion-increasing.

  • Build e-mail templates
  • Write conversion-increasing e-mails
  • Schedule and send e-mails


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Set up a sales funnel 

Marketing automation gives you insight into the customer journey. You know exactly what website leads do on your website. Thanks to the lead score, you can see exactly where the lead is in the pipeline. If a lead within marketing automation is in the pipeline, it means that he or she is in preparation for a purchase.

A high lead score in the pipeline shows that a lead is sales ready and can be approached personally. The sales employee can contact the lead and guide it further to the sale. A good cooperation between the sales and marketing department is important here. 

  • Organize an effective sales funnel & content marketing funnel
  • Set a lead score
    A lead score is a method within marketing automation that helps you to determine when a lead is ready to be transferred to the sales department. The lead score is determined based on points you relate to the behaviour and the actions of the lead.  
  • Achieve cooperation between the sales and marketing departments


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During the marketing automation demo, one of our marketing automation specialists shows you how to segment your target group. This way you can provide the right group of people with the right information at the right time. In addition, we show you how to make mailing lists. 

You can manually create a mailing list (statistical list) or dynamically whereby contacts based on rules are automatically added to a corresponding list when they fill in a form.

Target group segmentation results in:

  • More interaction with your target group
  • Higher CTR
  • Less unsubscribes


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The advantages of Marketing Automation


Conversion increasing

You gain insights of the interest of the B2B leads, so that you can send relevant content based on this information. This way, you increase the chance that the website converts and leads become a customer. 

Time saving

By setting up smart Triggers and Filters in marketing automation, you can send an automated email campaign. You set this up once, after which you only have benefits. 


Marketing automation is suitable for both a starting and advanced marketer. You do not need programming skills or experience with similar programs. You can start immediately! 


Discover the specific advantages of Marketing Automation for your business by requesting a live demo.

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