Marketing automation campaigns

Do you want to save time, energy and money? Automate your marketing campaigns! You can use email automation for various campaigns. For your convenience, we have listed the most used marketing automation campaigns. 

Have you just purchased marketing automation software and are you still looking for inspiration for your first marketing automation campaign? Check out our list of marketing campaigns that you can automate with marketing automation:


Marketing automation campagne - marketing campagne

– Welcome campaign
The welcome marketing campaign starts when leads leave their email address on the website. In a welcome campaign you can introduce the leads to your company and make a first connection. You do not (yet) try to sell a product or service.

– Promotional campaign
You set up a promotional campaign when your organization carries out a specific action. Website leads can sign up for the promotion by leaving their email address, so you can follow them up with reminders and more information about the promotion.

– Lead Nurturing campaign
When a lead leaves his / her data, you can start the lead nurturing campaign. You send targeted and relevant information to the B2B leads. This way you nurture the leads with information that guides them further and further in the purchase process. 

– Assessment campaign
Once a customer has made a purchase on your website, you can set up an e-mail automation to request for an assessment. Does the customer not respond to this e-mail? Then you can also set an automatic reminder after a couple of days, so that the customer can still give the assessment.

– Event campaign
When your organisation organises an event, you let all leads sign up for this campaign on your website or the landing page via a (linked) marketing automation form. You can then follow up all leads at the right time with more specific information about the event. 

– Cross selling / up-selling campaign
This is a campaign in which you make an up-sell offer through an email series. You try to sell a product or service to the same person again after a purchase.

– Abandonment cart campaign
Has anyone not paid for his / hers filled shopping cart? Then you carry out this marketing automation campaign. This is only possible if you have an email address of the lead. Then you can follow up the lead by email: “Do not forget your shopping cart”. 

– Cold email campaign
If you are in possession of an (legally obtained) e-mail list, you can send a “cold” e-mail to this list. Cold means that the leads are not familiar with your business. 

– Set up a sales funnel
By setting rules and tasks within marketing automation, you can fill and arrange a pipeline so that these actions are automatically executed.

– Drip campaign
A Drip campaign consitst an e-mail series to slowly “warm up” a “cold” lead and guide it to a purchase.

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