Silvia de Haas

Our CRM is now linked to marketing automation, which means that our leads are structurally monitored.

Sylvia de Haas, Commercial Director


Customer: Henley 360

Branch: Real estate

Project: Lead generation & Lead nurturing and consultation process

Customer question: ‘How can we generate more traffic to our website, convert these visitors to qualitative leads and follow them up structurally?’



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Step 1: Mapping the customer journey and the sales funnel 


First, the customer journey must be clear:

Where does the target group orientate itself?

When do they share data?

What does the target group need to make a decision?

With a clear customer journey, you can determine what you need to provide the lead with relevant information at the right time.

This enables us to bind prospects to Henley 360 and convert them into leads and ultimately into sales. When the details of a lead are known to Henley 360, it ends up in the sales funnel. Together with Henley 360 we have made the sales funnel.

With the aid of the sales funnel, an action plan had been developed to “feed” the lead in the best way through marketing automation.



Step 2: Collect all the leads in one CRM

Leads are generated in different ways by Henley 360. Both online and offline. To collect good data, all used channels must be mapped and bundled in one CRM.

We have linked different channels to each other. This way, all leads can be followed-up through marketing automation software. To find out which campaigns are running well or not, weekly rapports can be made.


Step 3: Target Segmentation


Henley 360 has a solution for different target groups.

A different channel must be used for each target group, each with a different message. With the target group and the right channels in view, we were able to optimise the current channels and add new channels.

In consultation with Henley 360, a social media campaign has been set up and we have ensured that these leads are automatically put into the CRM system and immediately are followed up in the right way.


Step 4: Reporting


Thanks to marketing automation, Henley 360 now receives weekly reports with the results of the campaigns and the pipeline. We pre-established realistic KPIs which are feasible in a consultancy period of 3 months.

By including the pipeline in the reporting, the sales department and the marketing department need to work together. This way, they work effectively and efficiently and we see an increase in the results.

When the data is connected to each other, it is clear how much traffic is needed to generate the agreed number of leads and to convert them into sales.



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A structural lead follow-up and more website traffic through a new lead generation strategy


During this consultation process it appeared that the follow-up of the generated leads was not optimal, we have automatized this follow-up through marketing automation so that the leads always get the right follow-up.

In addition, we have optimized the lead generation strategy so that there is now more traffic to the website of Henley 360.


What did we learn from this project?


1. There are more and more companies that orient themselves online

If a company is looking for a business accommodation, it increasingly orientate online. By mapping all the channels and measuring the results, it appears that 45% of the leads come from online channels.


2. You can create an internal support with marketing data & sales data

By including the sales goals in the reporting, we have learned how to create internal support with the right use of CRM systems and as an effective use of marketing automation.



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Henley 360 invests in industrial real estate and bring new life into vacant real estate by rolling out their own flexible offer concept Flexizone. By arranging ready-to-use spaces as office, storage or business space, there is a suitable space for everyone at Flexizone.

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