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Hundred leads and dozens customers through advertising and marketing automation


‘Lean Six Sigma Zelfstudie’ is a new self-study that teaches and helps organizations to work effectively and efficiently. In the self-study managers and employees are trained, but also guided in their own development. The power of the proven techniques for organizational development is combined in the training with the right attention for people-oriented changes.


‘Lean Six Sigma Zelfstudie’ and marketing automation


Lean Six Sigma Zelfstudie should be put on the market as a new product, to build brand awareness and to reach potential participants. Our marketing automation consultants were asked to put the new self-study into the B2B market in the right way within the desired target group.

Our marketing automation consultants always use 4 fixed steps for our B2B customers:

Segmentation: Target group segmentation based on business functions and on their experience with Leas Six Sigma

Foundation: Online viewing versions are used to generate leads

Range: LinkedIn Advertising

Follow-up: Automated e-mail



engels funnel


Target group segmentation


We first focused on charting the right target group. This means we know who we want to reach, so that we can determine what is the best way to do it. We have chosen to segment the target group into two groups. This ensures that the targeting is as specific as possible and the chance of conversions increases. The right target group is addressed with the right content at the right time – and gets a relevant follow-up.


The two target groups:

  1. New people who have no experience with Lean Six Sigma, but are interested in this. We focus on the persons with a managerial role. For them, the Greenbelt self study is interesting.
  2. Managers who have experience with Lean Six Sigma. They are eligible for the Blackbelt self study.




To trigger the target group so that they leave their data, a viewing version has been created for each tutorial. These viewing versions are used within the LinkedIn campaigns.

Through the LinkedIn advertisements they end up on a landing page where they can leave their data through a form. These data will be processed in marketing automation, so that we can send (automated) emails that link to the course in which the person has shown interest or the experience someone has.

Marketing automation case Lean Six Sigma self study




The target group of Lean Six Sigma is the B2B market. LinkedIn is the right medium for advertising for this target group. On LinkedIn you can target very specifically with your advertisements on various marketing roles and on experience level with Lean Six Sigma. The target group is segmented in two groups, that is why we created two different sponsored ads for the GreenBelt and the BlackBelt Self-study.


Marketing automation case Lean Six Sigma self study


In order to increase the brand awareness of Lean Six Sigma, text ads have also been used within Google Adwords. This way, leads are collected that automatically ended up in marketing automation. This resulted in a huge monthly growth in leads compared to the period before the ads were live.




The collected leads automatically end up in a specific list and mail workflow. This ensures that they get the right follow-up. We have prepared 6 e-mails in marketing automation. The first e-mail contains a confirmation of the application with more information about the self study. In the last e-mail, the leads receive an offer to trigger them to sign up for the self-study. In the e-mails 2, 3, 4 and 5 they receive more and more information.




Lean Six Sigma Zelfstudie had to be put on the B2B market to generate brand awareness.

Through the above method we have ensured that:

  • Lean Six Sigma Zelfstudie has brand awareness
  • The specific target group is reached through the right channels
  • Leads are automatically followed-up by marketing automation with content that matches the interest of the leads.

The result is a monthly growth in conversions. Lean Six Sigma Zelfstudie has already generated hundreds of new leads from relevant target groups. Thanks to consistent follow-ups through marketing automation, this has already generated dozens of new customers.

A nice first result, which we will further optimize the working method. Especially te costs per conversion within the B2B make it interesting to continue.


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