With Marketing Automation, our entire after-sales process has been automated. Now, ½ FTE is available within our team that we can now use more effectively for other tasks that bring our organisation to a higher level.

Pieter de Boer, Owner Number1 Voetbalreizen


Customer: Number1 Voetbalreizen

Branche: Events & Travel

Project: Sales optimization – Marketing Automation

Customer question: ‘How can I save time in my after sales process’



engels funnel


(Automatically) Follow-Up


Number1 Voetbalreizen reach through Google Adwords, social media and sponsoring who have affinity with football/sports and are interested in a football trip.

When someone registers for one of the football trips, the person ends up in Magento (webshop). The sales team then manually follows up the lead. This takes too much time.

That is why we have made a link between Magento and marketing automation software SharpSpring. The entire aftersales process is now automated.

Rules have been set for the fields of the form, which triggers that an e-mail is sent including automatically the correct and unique information per register.  

The after sales process consists of 5 types of e-mails:


  • Confirmation e-mail: reservation is well received


  • Travel documents: information about the hotel and possibly flight


  • Hotel voucher + flight information: hotel voucher and airline tickets


  • Two weeks before departure: An email with all the important information


  • Check-in: An email with the request to check in online

Confirmation e-mail

Number1 voetbalreizen


Number1 voetbalreizen



A saving of 20 hours per week. These hours can now be used more effectively for other tasks that contribute to the organization to bring it to a higher level.



What did we learn from this project?


1. Linking Magento & SharpSpring

We have often linked systems to marketing automation software SharpSpring for our customers. However, the Magento webshop was new to us. In collaboration with the web builder we succeeded in linking Magento to SharpSpring.


2. Create dynamic travel documents

The travel details are unique for every registration. It took a lot of time to copy / paste the details manually in the e-mails. Thanks to the link with the webshop (Magento), this data is now automatically transferred into marketing automation. With the dynamic fields in the e-mail, all the travel details are automatically tailored for each registration. These e-mails now automatically show the details of the journey that the customer has booked.


3. Variations with / without flight

Football trips can be booked with or without a flight. This is also something to keep in mind in the e-mails. Someone without a flight does not have to receive information about a flight. For example, the e-mail to check-in does not have to be sent to this group. We have set up separate e-mails that is triggered when someone orders a trip without a flight.


Number1 voetbalreizen



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