Schoondergang case study result: Automatic lead follow-up ensures time savings and profit


For almost 100 years, Schoondergang has been a leading all-round supplier of professional kitchens in the Dutch kitchen market.

Marketing automation case Schoondergang

At Schoondergang, they receive daily contact forms and information requests. Many leads leave their email addresses, which must be followed up manually.

The (adverse) results are:

  1. The leads are only followed up once. A missed opportunity, because leads often respond after 2-5 emails.
  2. The follow-up is not consistent due to the daily pressure. Leads are often followed only a few days later.

Schoondergang asked us to come up with a solution to get more consistency in the lead follow-up, so that this happens quickly and smoothly.

To come up with a solution for this, we have implemented our four steps for B2B customers:



engels funnel


  • Segmentation is the segmentation of leads based on their purchasing ambitions
  • Foundation is the creation of an item to collect leads with, for example an E-book;
  • In the area Range the channel is used where the target group is located;
  • Follow-up is the follow-up of the leads after their application.


Step 1: Foundation


As a first step, we started with the foundation: collecting leads on the website by means of an e-book. A contact form is often a high threshold for visitors to leave data behind. Offering a free download containing relevant information for your target group triggers visitors to leave data behind.

That is why we first made free downloads to collect leads on the website in a low-threshold way:

Marketing automation case Schoondergang


Step 2: Segmentation


In this customer case we segment the leads on the basis of their purchasing ambitions and on the branch. In the sector we segment by offering downloads for a specific branch, for example catering entrepreneurs. The buying intention is determined by asking for the reason for the request in the form. This allows us to connect the follow-up to their situation. A sales employee can also follow up the lead if he indicates that he has a specific need for a kitchen.

Voorbeeld formulier

Step 3: Follow-up


The targeted follow-up is based on the segmentation in step 2. Through marketing automation software we ensure that the lead end up in a specific list. This way you can link the right follow-up to each list.

Marketing automation case Schoondergang Marketing automation case Schoondergang

The leads receive a confirmation email immediately after filling in the form. In this mail a question is asked, based on the given reason in the form. If there is no response to the request, the lead will receive a reminder after a few days.

Marketing automation case Schoondergang

In a form, the leads can indicate when they want to be called.

Marketing automation case Schoondergang

Step 4: Range


To generate a higher range, the e-book has been promoted through social advertising: both LinkedIn as Facebook. Here we have the advertisements focused specifically at catering entrepreneurs. For only a small budget per day, we have already reached a large target group. By means of a simple, striking image we have triggered the target group to download the free e-book. The leads that leave their data through this route are automatically followed up.

Marketing automation case Schoondergang


The result


Schoondergang has been collecting leads through Adwords, Bing and their own sales team for a while. However, not many leads came through the website. In addition, the incoming leads were not consistently followed up. We have changed this by offering free downloads on the website of Schoondergang. The threshold for leads to leave their data behind is now lower. Schoondergang now collects leads faster and through marketing automation they are segmented and followed up immediately.

The follow up is in line with the situation of the lead and this way we can see in marketing automation when a lead is ‘sales-ready’. For example, when a lead indicates a specific need. The sales team can take action immediately.

The new method with marketing automation ensures that Schoondergang saves many hours per week. This provides more profit because there is time left and these hours can be effectively used to take the company to a higher level.

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