Thanks to marketing automation, they have an improved sales process now leads are automatically followed up.


Tuijp Keuken & Bad is a real family business with years of experience in the kitchen, sanitary and tile trade. There are daily filled in tender forms, but these are not always followed up well. They receive an email address, but do not have the time to email everyone manually.


Automatically follow-up


Our marketing automation specialist have set up a automatic follow-up in marketing automation. The leads are automatically placed in a workflow. They receive an e-mail with the question whether they want to leave their telephone number to be called at a later moment.

We created the following lead follow-up for Tuijp Keuken & Bad:

Step 1:

The lead can fill in the ‘kitchen calculator’ at the website.

Step 2:

The lead receives an e-mail in which a rough price indication is given of the costs for the relevant kitchen wishes.

Step 3:

When the leads have filled in the ‘kitchen calculator’, they are automatically added to a specific list in the marketing automation system.

The workflow then looks like this:

Marketing automation case Tuijp Keuken Bad

Step 4:

After two days the leads receive an email containing a short questionnaire about the kitchen calculator. With this feedback, Tuijp Keuken & Bad can serve them better in the future.

Step 5:

As a thank you for filling in the form, the leads receive an extensive PDF with tips on what to look for when purchasing a new kitchen.

Marketing automation case Tuijp Keuken & Bad

Step 6: Dynamic questionnaire

We have chosen to place a simple, dynamic questionnaire on the website. We have formulated the questions in such a way that the answers ensure that Tuijp Keuken & Bad can better help the leads in the future.

An example of a question:

“Did you expect the calculation for your kitchen wish?”

If this is not the case, the next question will be how the lead thinks that he / she can be helped better with the budget. This way we can find out why a potential customer is or is not interested in making a purchase. Tuijp can invite the lead to help them better.

If the answers show that the lead is open to an appointment, the dynamic form is automatically expanded with fields for contact details.

Step 7:

In marketing automation, we ensures that the sales employee of Tuijp Keuken & Bad receives a notification when the lead is “warm” enough for a telephone conversation. Leads in the orienting phase are therefore not called yet. So it is clear who can or can not call and you can not be experienced as intrusive.


The result


The automatic follow-up ensured immediate results. Thanks to this follow-up, the sales employee has more information about the need for the lead. This gives the sales employee a clear overview of who can be called and when they can be called. The difference between a ‘cold’ and a ‘warm’ lead is easy to make. This saves a sales employee a lot of time and especially energy.

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