Marketing Automation software

Marketing automation software gives you the opportunity to follow up very quickly and easily your B2B leads/prospects and to guid them through the customer journey. By building marketing campaigns, you can send structured and at the right time relevant information through email to a specific target group. All you have to do is set smart triggers and create specific mailing lists. This way, you use emails as a conversation tool that leads to conversions faster.

With marketing automation, you can also create dynamic forms and place them on your website. As a result, the form fields of returning visitors are automatically filled in, so the lead has to go through fewer steps to convert.

We work with two different marketing automation systems:  

SharpSping and Active Campaign.

Both marketing automation tools offer basically equal functionalities, but there are still a number of differences that are visible in the overview below.

In general, we use the dividing line B2B & B2C.

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Below an overview of the functionalities of our marketing automation software

Marketing automation features

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