Most frequently asked questions about Marketing Automation

These are the most frequently asked questions about marketing automation. Can’t find the answer to your questions? 

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is an automated system for monitoring leads and prospects that you collect through your website or online advertising campaigns. Through marketing automation you guide them further into the customer journey by sending relevant information at the right time. This happens automatically, thanks to pre-set triggers and filters.

How do I start with Marketing Automation?

When you want to start with marketing automation, you first need a strategy. In advance, you identify your target group(s) and you choose a marketing automation software. When you have done this, you got the first steps to start. 

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Can I also start with Marketing Automation if I don’t have experience with it?

Yes. Knowledge and experience with an similar marketing automation software is not necessary. Do you need help? Then we offer a marketing automation consultant who can help you with the implementation.

Which Marketing Automation software should I choose?

Marketing Automation Netherlands is looking for the best email marketing software. Of course we can’t choose for you, but we can advise you. We work with two marketing automation software: ActiveCampaign and SharpSpring. Both softwares have a high rank in the most popular rankings. ShaprSpring has even been proclaimed as best marketing automation software for SME by Emerce in 2015 and 2016.

View here the marketing automation functions of both software systems.

Which marketing campaigns can I automate with Marketing Automation?

  • Welcome campaign
  • Lead Nurturing campaign
  • Assessment campaign
  • Promotional campaign
  • Event campaign
  • Cross selling / upselling campaign
  • Abandonment cart campaign
  • Cold email campaign
  • Set up a salesfunnel
  • Drip campaign

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When do I see the results and do I earn back my investment?

Of course you would like to know when you earn back your investments in marketing automation. In practice, we often see that organizations have earned back their investment within 6 months after the implementation of marketing automation.

In marketing automation you can also create opportunities with the amount of the quotation. As soon as the B2B leads become customers, you indicate that the deal has been successful. You will get a good overview of your income from marketing automation.

What are the risks associated with marketing automation?

Without a clear strategy, you risk that marketing automation does not give you anything in return. Also, a lack of content can be a risk within marketing automation. We advise to always make a strategy and a B2B content marketing plan. This way you are provided with enough content. In addition, you are less likely to get a negative result if you use a well-developed customer journey in combination with buyer personas to carry out targeted marketing campaigns.